Breathing Space – January 29/14

Mt. Si seemed to don a lovely, ethereal scarf when the sun faded like it was getting cozy before the rain set in.


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Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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13 Responses to Breathing Space – January 29/14

  1. Nia Simone says:

    That’s just like a scarf! And I wouldn’t have thought of that. Great analogy.


    • Thanks! It had a gauzy, sheer look, and it’s kind of unusual to have a mantle at that exact level on the mountain, kind of at it’s shoulders, but I probably also thought of a scarf since the feel of the weather made me wish for one myself…lol!


    • I think the tough thing about analogies, especially in stories, is having them fit the flow and the other images without pulling you out of the moment. They can add so much, but if you use the wrong one, even if it explains the description well, it can be really distracting. When you get the perfect one there is no better writing, however. It’s a skill I admire too. So glad you liked this one! 🙂


      • Nia Simone says:

        Good point! I don’t use very many, and now that I read your excellent point, I’m going to stop feeling badly about that. At least I’m not forcing metaphors that don’t work!!


        • I’m reading a book right now that has few metaphors and is written very simply. I accidently stayed up until midnight reading because I was enjoying the play of the characters so much. I was fully in the story and didn’t want to stop reading. It gave me no interruption or distraction from the life that was unfolding. I admire the writing very much. Since I’m a poet and love classic literature, I’ve had a tendency to be very flowery and ‘literary’ in much of my writing, but for the last few years I’ve worked hard on being clear and keeping the reader in the story. The point is to communicate, right?


        • Nia Simone says:

          Yes, the clean, simple style is preferred these days. What book?


    • It’s called THE KANSAS CONNECTION by Kathleen Gabriel. I know Kathy and she’s witty and fun. The book is a relationship romance and is just downright entertaining. It’s not my usual read, but I’m enjoying it thoroughly. You can find it here:


    • I like LuLu too and my published novel is available there…You can see it at the bottom of my home page here if you haven’t noticed it. It’s available in pdf or ePub also. Next time I might go with CreateSpace though just because their price for copies for the authors is so much less…I can’t decide. First I’m pitching to traditional publishers with my new manuscript to get that experience too.
      Thanks for the awesome conversation today!


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