D is for Different

SCAN0048Tonight I went to the Philip K. Dick Awards at Norwescon. It was a cool and fun experience. I’m so glad I went. And after I was done, I realized that I would’ve missed it if I hadn’t been willing to follow my interests that are different. I left my friends and went by myself.

On the way home I remembered that many of my favorite experiences have been when I left the norm of what my  friends were doing and went on my own to do something I wondered about or wanted to try. I became interested in reggae many years ago, but no one I knew wanted to go see Black Uhuru with me. I complained to a friend who was older than I, and he asked, ‘Why don’t you go by yourself?’ I hadn’t even thought of such a thing. I went, loved it, and spent several years after that going out to reggae dancehalls and shows and having the time of my life. I still love that vibe!

Norwescon is celebrated as a place where people of all kinds can come and express themselves and be accepted and encouraged, and yet somehow I feel different here. I feel oddly normal and abnormally odd. But I’m fine with being myself and exploring new horizons.

The image above is a page from my new sketchbook I sent away to The Sketchbook Project. To me it captures  the concept of looking for adventure and discovering new worlds – feeding the senses and nourishing the mind and soul.

By the way, congrats to Meg Elison and Sybartic Press for The Book of the Unnamed Midwife – this year’s Philip K. Dick Award Winner and to Jennifer Marie Brissett and Aqueduct Press for Elysium – this year’s Special Citation. It was a privilege to hear the nominees do their readings and a thrill to see you, as winners, so overwhelmed and happy. What an awesome achievement. Thanks for inspiring me!



About sherijkennedyriverside

Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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6 Responses to D is for Different

  1. Nicci says:

    Good for you! And I love those images from your scrapbook.


  2. I love this post. Differences I feel are what make the world an interesting place to be.

    I once went to the theater by myself. It was a week night, I knew nobody locally except the people I worked with. I had a really lovely evening. I’m still amazed I had the guts to go alone.

    On a tangent… I just ordered myself a new sketchbook this morning. My art has been taking a bit of a back seat – mostly due to me not having many materials at my tiny little house – but last night I watched a film called ‘Frida’ about the life of Frida Kahlo and ended up spending three hours sitting on the floor doing collage into the night. I think she counts as quite a different sort of person.

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    • It does take a bit of courage to go out alone, but it is almost always vastly rewarding.
      So glad you ordered a new sketchbook. New materials often bring a new spark of creativity, I find.
      Frida is one of the most inspiring of different people, and I’ve heard more stories than just yours of friends who’ve gone on a binge of creative production just following seeing that film or reading about her. She was amazing, and her influence is still fiery!

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      • I read a book by Barbara Kingsolver which had her as one of the main characters, called The Lacuna. That was a good book and began my fascination. I think I’m going to have to order her biography in my next book order as she’s certainly become quite an inspiration.

        I love how your comments always feel grounding, like they’re saying cherish the difference, you’re not alone.


  3. I definitely believe that, my friend, and I’m glad it comes through to you in my comments. I hope you have a fabulous day! By the way, I didn’t comment on your hair cutting post, though I have many thoughts…first of all, Good for you!…but sometimes I think I don’t need to tell you and your readers all my thoughts when it is your page to do that. I may still go back to that one though, since it has stayed on my mind.


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