U is for Under Cover (Not to be confused with Undercover)

SCAN0041There is nothing secretive here, though it was a little tricky to create the title page of my sketchbook under the cover. I learned that free-form snowflake-type fold cutting is challenging when the page is attached in a book. And with my theme, ‘Parts of the Whole,’ I decided it would be cool to create letters that would leave their negative space holes readable when I cut them out, but which I could use the cut out parts to write the title as well. Thus the whole is still there, but in parts, and I think it’s fun that it’s kind of more than the sum of its parts since it creates two titles from one set of cutting.

I’d like to take credit for the cleverness of having the bike part, chain, end up reading as ‘Arts of the Whole’ since the ‘P’ is on the cardboard and somewhat disappears. But actually it was serendipitous due to cutting a little further down the chain than I had thought and then having to re-angle the piece to overlap onto the other page to fit the ‘E’ on at the bottom. I was frustrated for a moment when it caused the overlap, but then I noticed how it read and was much happier with the end result than what I had set out to do. It makes the perfect subtitle!

I am a big planner, but I consider serendipity and adaptation a huge part of creating artwork that breathes. Rigid affectation never comes out as well as allowing creativity to evolve, in my opinion. (I used to over control it, so I learned from experience!) I often say, ‘An artist doesn’t get better at creating, they just get better at working with their mistakes.’



About sherijkennedyriverside

Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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1 Response to U is for Under Cover (Not to be confused with Undercover)

  1. I love it. You must have a steady hand to have cut the letters out so neatly. I’m sure I would have messed it up somewhere.


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