Scene 08-25 View from the Bridge


Had to stop on the bridge on my bike ride through my neighborhood tonight. The feel of Fall is in the air, but it still looks like Summer.

About sherijkennedyriverside

Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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3 Responses to Scene 08-25 View from the Bridge

  1. Great looking river!

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    • I love the bends at this spot. It’s about 1/2 mile from my house, so I walk or bike here often. There is a wide cement bridge over the river for walking or biking only. This is part of the same trail that takes me to the lake up above my neighborhood or into town and to one of the railroad bridges that appears sometimes on my blog. With only a couple very short breaks onto backroads, this bike/hike trail goes at least 50 miles, from the lower valley, to the upper valley (where I live) and up over the mountain pass on to towns in Eastern Washington. It’s an abandoned railroad bed that they’ve converted and maintain with crushed gravel. So many beautiful views along it. I feel very spoiled to have it run through my neighborhood for such easy access!

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      • Sounds fabulous! Such a good use of abandoned railway and so nice to be able to cycle safely away from traffic. We’ve just got back from a short break during which we also went for a walk along a track on a disused railway bed.

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