Scripting the Truth Front cover finalI’m honored to host the talented T.A. Henry on her blog tour of new release novel, SCRIPTING THE TRUTH. I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for this manuscript as well. I’m finding it hard to imagine how it could be any better. I was right into the story and couldn’t wait to keep reading even when it was in early stages. Lady Molly is captivating and her capers make for a rich and fun read. I already bought a Kindle version so I can read it again! Find it. Buy it. Read it! You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

T.A. Henry has shared an exclusive excerpt with us here today. (You can go to her blog to find more with links other tour stops.) Also, we have a lively interview to follow. So read on!

I hope you enjoy this step into story and the life of a writer…with T.A. Henry.

I rang up Lila the second I got home. Flighty though she was, Lila had always been my partner in crime while we were away to school together.
“I have a plan but I need your help,” I announced without preamble.
“Of course darling.”
“Do you know anyone in the film business?”
“Film.” There was a long pause. “Are you thinking about being an actress? A job in rep might be a better place to start.”
Laughing, I explained I had already tried the actress route and things had gone rather pear shaped. “So now I need to write a film script, preferably by the weekend. But I don’t know much about the process.”
“Oh my. The things you do before tea time. I do know someone who could help. Let me call her and see if I can set up a meeting.”
“Today.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
“Molly, today might be asking a bit too much.”
“Today, Lila, today. I have to get this script going.” I insisted.
“So start writing and then you can adjust after you talk to my friend.”
I sat silent and stunned for a moment. Sometimes scatter brained friends really came up with the simplest ideas that hit it bang on.
“Are you still there?” Lila queried.
“I am stunned into silence by your brilliance.”
Lila laughed. “Go on then. Ring you back shortly.”
I rummaged around in my father’s library to find his old corona typewriter. I lifted the dust cover and prayed for a fresh tape. I rolled in a piece of paper and tried a few keys. It seemed in working order but the tape was shot. I rang the bell via a button on the side of my father’s desk. Thirty seconds later the lower house maid entered and curtsied. “I need a new typewriter ribbon. I have pulled out the old one so you can get the right thing. Please go out now and get me one immediately.”
As per her training she merely bobbed and took the tape, no doubt muttering about my insanity in her own mind. I cared not. I would hand write until she got back. I grabbed a pencil and a stack of paper and sat down to compose. Where to start my opus?
Several minutes later I had sharpened my pencil, drawn a little sketch of a QA in her cape on the corner of my page, and commenced pacing the floor.
by T.A. Henry,  All rights reserved.
T.A. Henry is a Pacific Northwest transplant who loves it here. I am a stay at home mom who home schools her only kiddo. I hike, crochet, and yoga with all my spare time. LOL. I like to think I am funny. I hear I am a good friend. I think the secret to that is I have very little judgement.
What is the hardest part of writing a novel and publishing it? 
I think the hardest part is ignoring the naysayers both external and internal. Those voices that want to know just what you think you are doing? Do you really think anything will come of this? You think that crap is any good? That’s the hardest part. Telling them to kiss off and moving forward anyway. I’m so glad you overcame them. You know they’re crazy right? Anyone who doubts YOUR writing is not on the rails!
What is the most fun part of writing a novel?…Of being published?
The thrill of seeing something I created, I made out of nothing, in a physical manifestation. woo. I gave myself chills just writing about it. So fun to see you giddy! I know just what you mean, and I suspect most authors and artists can relate to that one. So awesome…congrats!
Did you write your published book during NaNoWriMo? 
Yep. Also wrote two years in a row on my spy novel, which still isn’t done. LOL
Where do you get your story ideas…How do you decide what to write about?
The idea for Scripting the Truth came in a dream. I got up and wrote it all down. But it just lived in my idea notebook for a while until I came across a biography of a QA. It was fascinating. I read some more biographies and next thing you know it was my Nano idea for 2014. I got the idea for my spy novel from one line in a nonfiction book about chimeras. I’ll leave it at that. LOL. Intriguing!
How do you create and develop your characters?.
My characters tend to evolve. So when I started researching Scripting the Truth, Molly was very vague, she wasn’t even Molly yet. But as I read biographies and I started to research other aspects her personality slowly developed. She was slightly reserved but with a great sense of humor once you penetrated that reserve bubble. She was adventurous and a risk taker but didn’t really see herself as such. As I wrote she began to take on the qualities she needed to have to succeed in her mission. I do try to think about what my characters might think or do in certain situations just so I know what will push their buttons. I think I’m beginning to understand why she has so many layers. I absolutely love her!
What is the strangest thing you do for inspiration?
I go to the library and run my hand and eyes over titles until one jumps off the shelf more or less into my hand. As I read the book I try to think about what I might do in the story. What might I do if I wasn’t me but say an analyst at the CIA. What if I wasn’t me but a mad scientist who wants those two black holes to collide and destroy the planet I am living on. What would I do? Then I write it.
Ooo. Very Helpful!
What do you do when you get stuck while writing?
*laughing* OK so during Nano I will start typing total stream of consciousness. Something like, “I have to think of something to write, everyone else around me is typing, I need to come up with something, come you pudding head kill someone, kiss someone, burn something down, I don’t care just write something…” Usually that gets the creative drive back in gear. If all else fails. I change scenes. I’ll jump to a different place in the story arc and just start writing whatever I think I might need when I get there. I can always fix it later. Now that’s a true Wrimo’s solution. Just like they tell you to do. *laughing*
Thanks, T.A.! I’ll see you at this year’s NaNoWriMo and follow your progress on your blog. And we’ll all look forward to your next novel! 

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Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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    I just ordered my copy from Amazon!!!

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