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River Walk – Winter Woods

I debated whether or not to share this part of my walk with you. The scene captured me as I walked, with it’s subtle colors and the misty feeling of evening’s glow through the crowded trees. But the sky had … Continue reading

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River Walk – Ups and Downs

Part of enjoying a walk is looking all around you. Walking in solitude always gives me the best chance of noticing oddities above my head and under my feet. I muse on things and sometimes find connections, or at least … Continue reading

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I – Inquiry

T.A. Henry Authoress, nominated me for the Writer Q&A Tag. I answer ten questions of her choosing, nominate ten people of my own, and ask them ten questions they answer on their blog. Without further ado, here are the questions she asked … Continue reading

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Scene 12/02 I Can’t Decide

I like all three photos today and I can’t decide. I like one because it’s more dramatic and truer to the actual color that brought me to the spot to capture the moment. I like two because it shows the … Continue reading

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Scene 01-03 Big Adventure

This big Adventure is one of the things seen on my second cycle saloon adventure on an 10-person pedal boat this year. But my favorite adventure in 2014 was the cycle saloon small brewery tour aboard the 16-person bicycle. What an amazing … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Places

The Red Hall of the 4th floor of the Seattle Public Library is a transitory and illusory place for me. The aesthetic of this place, so purposefully artistic, succeeds in taking my psyche to another world and confounds and delights … Continue reading

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