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Woods in Color

Set of six. As with the river, so the plants are more vibrant in bright sunlight. A beautiful day for a walk in the woods along the river.

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Forest Dwellers

Set of Six. Consider connections and contradictions.  Here are six of mine:  Dripping, Catch, Break, Repose, Suspended, Fascination.

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Terrible Poetry – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Originally posted on Reality With a Twist ~ Books:
Ah, such fun! I came across this on Myths of the Mirror and thought I’d try my hand at one. (BELOW) Here’s the scoop… Every week, Chelsea Owens offers a prompt for…

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Saturday Snapshot

Originally posted on Tommia's Tablet:
At the Base of Snoqualmie Falls by Tommia Wright

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“She Who Shines For All”

We were honored with a meaningful visit to our town by Washington’s Poet Laureate, Claudia Castro Luna recently. I’m doubly honored to find my poem featured in her post about the day. Washington State Poet Laureate In May I travelled … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Roos Zwart:
Under cover them tiny corners under feet reflecting hidden songs, if you look hard you will find her on the site of your written book ? site corner ? She hides for the stars of…

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