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River Walk – Long Shadows

Although the sun was shining brightly in the sky, the surrounding mountains set much of the valley into shadow. Just after 3pm, the precious orb was on its way to the horizon and would soon plunge me into a long … Continue reading

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K is for Kelp – Yup, Kelp

I’ve always found kelp fascinating and bizarre. This batch offered an interesting natural sculpture to distract my artistic eye from bird-watching at Semiahmoo.

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Sketchbook Project – Bubble Above and Bubble Below

Pages Forty-five and Forty-six: The amoeba-like frozen bubble attracted my attention, but I was mesmerized as the water beneath the clear ice surged in an out and created a dynamic bubble that snaked around the roots and rocks, different with … Continue reading

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Sketchbook Project – Frozen Bubbles

Pages Twenty-nine and Thirty:This ice on the edge of the lake surprised me with how much energy was frozen beneath the surface. I guess I had never looked at surface ice this closely before, or perhaps it’s always different. I’ll … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – January 26/14

Looking into the river in the sun is like a moving work of art.

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Sketchbook Project – Moss and Lichen Prints and Samples

Pages Twenty-one and Twenty-two: I printed using moss and lichen by pressing it on an ink pad and then making impressions in the book. I thought the images didn’t stand out enough so I added a static background with colored … Continue reading

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