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Seeing Red

Set of six. These berries vary. What are your observations of similarity and difference? Here are six of mine: Close and far, horizon, other colors, leaves, husks, clarity.

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River Walk – Back to Berries

While at the start of the walk I looked closely and pondered, the end of the walk was about getting back, and my view became more global. The snowberries were like a festival of lanterns beckoning me along the fenced … Continue reading

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Feb 2/16 is Details

On my walk along the river path, this lacy spindly bush with its tiny berries caught my eye. I┬álike the way the delicate details contrast against the heavy mossy tree trunk. My day today felt like this. Divergent branches with … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – February 3/13

Breathing Space rarely strays from the small valley I call home. But my short visit to Whatcom Creek today,in Bellingham, provided some images I’ll share in the upcoming days. I hope you enjoy this short excursion further north.

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Breathing Space – January 13/12

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Breathing Space – January 3/12

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