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The Strange get Stranger

I think flamingos are one of the strangest looking creatures on earth. They’re beautiful and exotic as ornaments in a yard or fountain, but oh-so-gawky and geeky when you get up close and personal. One of my favorite moments on … Continue reading

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Fly and Be Free!

I arrived at work this morning to find this little guy struggling to try to fly out the window. I’m so glad he wasn’t caught in the blinds! I heard some activity in the chimney on Friday and worried this … Continue reading

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Scene 07-13 Billions of Babies

The merganser family came through, and it seemed the stream was filled with billions of babies! Apparently the extra warm seasons have been good for them.

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Scene 07-03 The Eagle in my Tree is Looking at Me

This eagle hung out in our cottonwood tree for several hours this morning. He wasn’t much concerned with us down below, but a couple times he leaned his head out of the leaves and looked at me.

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Scene 03-12 Robins and the Mating Game

These are the first robins I’ve seen this spring, and they showed up with flits and flirts. They were bouncing around the branches like chickadees. The third seemed anxious at first but then perched at ease long after the others … Continue reading

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Scene 02-16 Waiting for the Drakes

This lovely lady was in a group of five, three females and two drakes in fine mating plumage. After a long and exciting session of chases across the surface of the river and through a section of rapids, they all … Continue reading

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