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Scene 11/03 Differing Views

I thought I would post a comparison of how the river looked when dry just a few weeks ago and during the heavy rains this past weekend. These two photos are the same spot (slightly different angle but very close) … Continue reading

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Scene 02-04 This Too Shall Pass

If you’ve read the ‘About’ page, you know I believe that life is about change, and one of the remarkable characteristics of rivers is how things come and go. This log lodged itself as a natural bridge between two rocks during one flood … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – September 19/13

Clear skies and sunshine returned today, but the tell-tale winds are blowing us into the next season, and I can feel the rising energy of change.

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D is for Divergent – A to Z Challenge

Divergent Cecily was a timid child. She didn’t jump over puddles or look behind closed doors. She didn’t skate or ride bikes. The only adventure she’d ever take was to sneak away when no one was looking to climb the … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – March 17/13

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