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Breathing Space – January 15/14

The mountains were out today! I got some pretty images near sunset that I thought to share, but about an hour later the moon upstaged them. Here’s the full moon rising over the shoulder of Mt. Si. It was stunning!

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Snoqualmie Tunnel – Hike in the Dark

This 2.3 mile abandoned railway tunnel presents a unique hiking experience that my 13-year-old companion, Brianna, was anxious to share. The hike is actually 4.6 miles since one must, of course, return. Snoqualmie Tunnel is a local treasure and is great … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – August 21/13

We interrupt this gorgeous alpine series to enjoy tonight’s full moon. I was reminded that even the most pleasant plans should be set aside to breathe in the glory of surprise, fleeting moments of nature’s beauty.

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Snoqualmie Tunnel – A Walk in the Dark

The Snoqualmie Tunnel is about 20 miles from my home and is a favorite place for hiking and biking.  This slideshow is from a morning hike with my friend, through and back in September 2012. You can also see a short … Continue reading

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