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The Elk are Out

A short drive brought a nice reward… Glad to see the elk are still out and about! After they crossed, I turned the corner and they stayed by the road for a close-up.

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Meadowbrook Elk are in for the Rut

The fall mating season, or rut, brings the vast majority of our area elk to Meadowbrook field for a huge gathering. They are out in the early morning or later evening, and I have been trying to hit the right … Continue reading

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Big Buck at Meadowbrook

Nearly every evening in the summer, there are elk somewhere on the land called Meadowbrook Farm here in the valley where I live. I caught a video (be sure to choose HD mode to see clearly) and some photos of a remarkably … Continue reading

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Feb 3/16 is Listening

Ever since I saw Greg Louganis last week, I keep remembering his closing statement. It was a Maya Angelou quote that I’ve heard before, but this time it’s sticking with me. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, … Continue reading


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Scene 08-23 Marvelous Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook Farm is a historic homestead that has remained a hub of our community. It is apparently a hub for the local elk community too. See video of a few elk HERE. It’s the place you can most often find the … Continue reading

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Breathing Space – August 15/14

We had a couple wildlife sightings lately. The photos aren’t the sharpest, but I hope you can still enjoy this gawky young elk and the sweet blacktail deer grazing along our riverside. (Deer photos taken by my husband, Marion).

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