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E – Editor (Your chance to have the power!)

Authors have the privilege and sometimes plague of working with editors. All would agree that the right editorial choices make or break a book’s appeal. As an indie author I have more control over my editing choices, and sometimes I … Continue reading

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C – Characters

I’ve been spending a lot of time with an alternate set of friends – the characters from my upcoming Steam Era Adventure series, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone.  I’ve also been writing them in my alter-ego pen name, … Continue reading


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F is for Fortuitous (and Fancy) – A to Z Challenge

Fortuitous (and Fancy) When Fancy and I were coming up together back home the Overdorf kids used to tease that I’d marry him some day. But my pa told me to keep my fine behind away from that boy. I … Continue reading

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D is for Divergent – A to Z Challenge

Divergent Cecily was a timid child. She didn’t jump over puddles or look behind closed doors. She didn’t skate or ride bikes. The only adventure she’d ever take was to sneak away when no one was looking to climb the … Continue reading

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C is for Contrite – A-Z Challenge

Contrite When the world stopped spinning and screaming in his ears he felt a cold wind slap his face into the realization that the windshield was gone. The road was gone. There were only trees through the gaping hole and … Continue reading

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B is for Beyond Me – A-Z Challenge

Beyond Me Ed Sheeran’s voice broke into her consciousness when the alarm went off. How she longed to retreat back into sleep and stay dead to the world a little longer. It’s too cold outside For angels to fly Angels … Continue reading

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