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Middle Fork Mountains

First Set of Six.  Find your own connections and comparisons. Six of mine: Textures, Flock, Mists, Distance brought near, Moods of the river, Bright day of Hope

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River Walk – Over the Rooftop

When I emerged from the river pathway I expected to return to the house and think of all the beautiful things I’d seen, but instead I was pulled out into the street with a, ‘wow!’. The back lighting in the … Continue reading

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Out of the Mist

I feel a bit like I’m coming out of a fog, so here’s a moment where I stopped and just breathed at sunrise… Things have been so busy, as they tend to get in the summer, and I’ve been editing almost every … Continue reading

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Scene 03-10 Lit with Gold

The sun came up to meet the mist that had stolen across the valley at dawn, creating a magical morning lit with gold.

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Breathing Space – October 31/14

The mists laid in with a fitting mood for Halloween.

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Breathing Space – March 6/14

I was looking for the silver lining all day, and this glow near sunset was as good as it got. Very nice when the light pushes through the mist…

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