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Freezing Fantastically

From a small skiff of snow to stunning frozen mountain peaks shining in the sun, the past day has been fantastic! It was hard to choose which gorgeous pictures to include in this collage…enjoy!  We start out looking out the … Continue reading

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V – Visitors

  I was collecting nice images of birds visiting us by the river for this upcoming post, but yesterday this became all about the BEAVER VIDEO! This one is not to be missed. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve … Continue reading

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Scene 10/20 A Little Toupee on Top

Still enjoying the puffs of mist…especially when they turn pink at sunset!

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5 Day Black & White Photograph Challenge – Day Three – To the Heights

Thanks, Cee, for tagging me on the 5 Day Black and White Photograph Challenge. On Day Three I have tagged Leanne Cole Photography who posts a variety of excellent images. Looking forward to two more days of fun! There are only two rules: For … Continue reading

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Scene 01-28 Glorious Day

Today was a sun-in-the-sky birds-singing-in-the-trees kind of day. Here’s how it ended. Almost feels like Spring.

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Breathing Space – November 7/14

Today was gorgeous from beginning to end. It would have been hard to choose which photo to share if this window of light hadn’t hit Mt. Si at sunset. In the second photo you can see how it formed a … Continue reading

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