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Middle Fork Mountains

First Set of Six.  Find your own connections and comparisons. Six of mine: Textures, Flock, Mists, Distance brought near, Moods of the river, Bright day of Hope

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After Dinner View

Sometimes old friends ask me how I can live outside the city? “Can you see this on your way home after going out to dinner?” I might reply. A stunning evening tonight. This was the view on opposite sides of … Continue reading

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Snowy Mountains by the Riverside

Somehow nearly a month has slipped by. I’ve been working hard on writing, hoping to have my next novel out by early April. And I’ve been doing more cooking and connecting to home. Our new snowfall in the last few … Continue reading

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Frozen Finale

I guess I posted too soon! The final feats of the mountain and weather today were phenomenal. I had to share them too…

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The Snow is Here!

After much ado with heavy clouds and stormy weather, following my last post, Mt. Si clearer off and revealed a nice patch of snow on its top. Winter is coming! It was easy to feel the chill across the valley … Continue reading

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Beautiful November Day!

Mt. Si was so beautiful on my way to the post office that I just had to make a quick stop to capture it to share. It was like a picture post card, right there along the side of the … Continue reading

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