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Middle Fork Mountains

First Set of Six.  Find your own connections and comparisons. Six of mine: Textures, Flock, Mists, Distance brought near, Moods of the river, Bright day of Hope

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J – Just Another Day

A photo from a few weeks ago that got missed and catches my mood today… A post-per-day challenge is always a bit tough on an ordinary day. It got cold and rainy again. I worked my insurance job for 8 hours, and my … Continue reading

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March 18/16 is On Top

While the valley below is turning to Spring, the temperatures swing from day to night and the freeze is slow to melt on top of Mt Si. I’m naming each day this year to remember that each has its unique … Continue reading

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March 7/16 is Chilly Again

This has been such a text book lead up to Spring. Every time you look out the window the weather has changed. From warm sun to hail, from the still of the night to nightmarish gusts of wind that bring … Continue reading

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Scene 12/22 At the Top

Mt. Si was breathtaking today in its new coat of snow. I used a different setting on my camera to catch the detail of the sunlit trees near evening and the snowfields on the top peak.

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Scene 12/17 Peaks Peeking

What a difference a day makes…Today’s images have been censored for horrific content. LOL! It’s highly windy, and snow-rain mix pelts you in the face as you step out of your home. The mountain is shrouded in whiteout and the … Continue reading

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