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In the Pink

Covered in freshly fallen May showers.

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Jan 17/16 is Love

Today I got to spend the whole day with my husband. What a privilege it is when we get time to treasure our love. When I realized ‘love’ was the theme of the day, I was wishing I had a recent … Continue reading

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P is for Pleasing

The things on this sketchbook page just have the commonality of pleasing me. The bike and cat lazing in the sun have a promise of a perfect day in my world. What promises a great day for you?

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L is for Lady-like

I grew up with a mom who often told me, “That’s not lady-like.” I understood that this was a chastisement, but it didn’t stop me from playing in mud puddles or scraping my knees. It did imbue me with a … Continue reading

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Scene 01-13 Great Intensity

As the light of day faded from most of the sky, a vivid line of cloud grew brighter and brighter, reflecting a breathtaking stripe of pink-orange-yellow with great intensity.

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Breathing Space – February 17/14

I was hoping to move away from the ice and grey and find some color today. There was fresh snow on the top of Mt Si this morning and grey and rain in the valley below, but at the last … Continue reading

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