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In the Pink

Covered in freshly fallen May showers.

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Columbines! My favorite time of the year

I’ve been cultivating a columbine garden for many years now. By cultivating, I mean watching for when the seed pods ripen and shaking them inward to fill every nook and cranny of a large area I’ve surrounded with a river … Continue reading

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Front and Backyard Columbines

My favorite blossoms of the year…especially in the evening light by the river. I hope you enjoy my gardens of columbines! These beauties grow wild in the foothills of the mountains here in Western Washington, but I encourage them to flourish in my … Continue reading


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Scene 05-01 It Must be May

…And the flowers have arrived. The columbines are my favorite.

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Scene 02-23 The Magnolias are Coming

The magnolia buds caught my eye. Bits of bobbing color hanging down in front of the holly bush.

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Breathing Space – April 30/14

These small flowers were in great abundance in a patch on the riverwalk, so I decided to take a closer look and was well rewarded.

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