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River Walk – Flagging Flotsam

When I cleared the trees and arrived at the river, I had a moment of disappointment. The light was nearly gone from the place and the waters were blue and cold without highlights of the sun. But the rushing water … Continue reading

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K – Kindness

There are many quotes about the responsibility of writers to use their voice to change the world. I usually take this to mean speak out on difficult issues, but it occurred to me that it could also mean to spread … Continue reading

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E – Editor (Your chance to have the power!)

Authors have the privilege and sometimes plague of working with editors. All would agree that the right editorial choices make or break a book’s appeal. As an indie author I have more control over my editing choices, and sometimes I … Continue reading

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Jan 16/16 is Eye-opening

Today was eye-opening is a couple ways. My new glasses arrived, and I can finally see straight again…Yay!!!! Also, an author friend of mine is leading a class, with me in close support, to help local authors bring their written … Continue reading

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Jan 6/16 is Hot Spot

Today was spent in great anticipation of getting back to serious writing and serious talking about and socializing around writing with my writer’s group at Wednesday Writer’s Cafe’. We meet at a local restaurant that has good food, friendly staff … Continue reading


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Jan 4/16 is Melting

Today could have been called ‘Snowing,’ since that’s the first thing I saw this morning, but the feelings of the day were really more about melting. Like the feeling of melting back into the covers for a half hour of … Continue reading

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