Merry Christmas and Winter Greetings

CardI hope you have the happiest of holidays…full of love and cheer, peace and contentment!

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Hanging Around

The bits of mist on these clear Autumn days have made lovely accessories wrapped here or there snuggling the surrounding mountains in warm beauty. Here’s one seen from the porch outside my office this evening.


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Evening Stroll – A Watcher in the Forget-me-nots

What a lovely evening. This bunny apparently thought so too. It was unusually patient in letting me find my phone and manage a few photos.


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Spring River

IMG_1609The leaves are bursting into green. A quick shot when crossing the river on my lunchtime walk…

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Yes, Spring Has Arrived

Tulip walk 4-8-19In case you’re wondering by looking at my snow-filled home page, Spring has arrived at last. The last bit of snow melted off the yard on St. Patrick’s Day and the trees burst into bloom with a pollen shower that rivaled a snow storm! Now the leaves are popping with lovely baby green and the bulb flowers are everywhere. Here’s a quick photo from my lunchtime walk in town near my office. It’s so wonderful to see color everywhere!

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Varied Thrush by the River in the Snow

Our final snow level was a pile up of 32 inches. We were snowed in for 7 full days, and I’ve never been so glad to hear the grating sound of machinery as when the plow showed up┬áto free us late yesterday afternoon. We now have an eight foot pile of snow across from our car and clear pavement to drive on!
One of the good points of the snowy weather was watching the birds in the backyard. Here are a few photos of the varied thrush. They were plentiful and stood out with a splash of color against the world of white.

(The little red cone is the tip of our garden gnome’s hat re-emerging as the snow began to melt.)

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