This is Not a Foodie Blog…

20170109_195308…but I thought I’d share this since I’m turning a corner back to whole foods cooking, and this was tasty and fulfilling. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl I found on Cookie and Kate. It was easy and yummy, and next time I’d like to try it with lightly roasting the cabbage and red pepper along with the squash. I think it would be even better blended and soft rather than the contrast of the crunchy, cold slaw – especially in the winter. The avocado verde salsa is delicious!

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Instant Message for You, Deer

Instant messages are often blamed for adding stress to the hustle and bustle of our days, but they can also add moments of peace. I received this deer photo from my dear husband just a couple minutes ago. It’s sweet to know this beautiful animal is relaxing in my yard while I’m at work. It stopped me midday to appreciate the beauty of nature, and I thought I’d pass that moment along to you. 🙂


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Snow by the river


A few favorites from my snowy walk yesterday…Today I’ll focus on trees.


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