Happy Halloween!


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Birdies are Back

I’m not sure what it is about rainy days that makes the chickadees come to twitter and feast in the evergreen and plum trees outside my office window, but I love that they do. When the sun fades, the birds come to brighten my day. Here’s a little fellow nestled in the plum leaves…


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Saturday Snapshot

We’re in the throes of a heatwave here, and this beautiful shot of the Falls nearby, taken by a friend of mine, was extra refreshing to me. So I thought I would share it with you too.

Tommia's Tablet

At the Base of Snoqualmie Falls by Tommia Wright

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“She Who Shines For All”

We were honored with a meaningful visit to our town by Washington’s Poet Laureate, Claudia Castro Luna recently. I’m doubly honored to find my poem featured in her post about the day.

Washington State Poet Laureate

Snoqualmie poetry pole

In May I travelled to Snoqualmie to the Black Dog Arts Cafe home of the Black Dog Arts Coalition to dedicate their poetry pole. The sun was out that afternoon for the first time in a while engaging in spectacular fashion the light greens and deep greens on either side of I90. As I climbed up to the pass, leaf, branch and bark seemed to rejoice, as I did, in the lovely spring light.

It could not have been a more perfect day to celebrate the value of words and the importance of community. Inside the Café I read poems and said a few words that the existence of this carefully chosen log, would over time serve as gathering place for thoughts and sentiments lovely and otherwise, thoughts articulated with care and deliberation. After the remarks, those of us who chose poetry over sunshine went outside, sat on the deck…

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Feeling Human Countdown Celebration!


In celebration of the release of my new Kennedy J. Quinn, Miss LiV Adventures series book, Memory KeyI’m offering my Sheri J. Kennedy, Reality with a Twist book, Feeling Human, at only 99 cents on Kindle for 48 hours, starting June 28th 12am PDT. Don’t miss this great price for my most popular novel! GET YOURS NOW!

Here are a few Reader Responses to Feeling Human:

“It was brilliant! Intriguing, unusual and yet so human and familiar.”

“I really lost myself in it. I liked the variety of characters and experiences…It felt real. A great job capturing a boy who was so hung up on his past he couldn’t move forward in life…both fun and heartwarming…very original and refreshing.”

“I’ve never read anything quite like this. You have a misunderstood youth, sure, but he’s very different from anyone else in the world or in literature… Engaging from the start, satisfying to the end.”

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The Witty Miss Livingstone Returns!

I just realized I haven’t shared with you here at the Riverside… the Release of my new book, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book II: Memory Key, under my pen name Kennedy J. Quinn. It’s out and available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon! Get your copy today! Learn more about this series on my blog Miss LiV Adventures.

I’m also extremely excited about the Launch Party coming up on Thursday! If you’re in the Seattle area, stop in for my handmade shortbread and a taste of Mariage Freres tea…touted to be the best in the world.  See you at Black Dog Arts Cafe’ on the 28th!

Wine and Words Tea and Dirigibles Flyer

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