Free, yes Free

From me to you… the gift of the first book in my time travel adventure series, Miss Liv Adventures. (Sheri J Kennedy is aka Kennedy J Quinn, author) 🙂 Get your copy of The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone – Book I: Journey Key FREE! For a limited time only. Don’t miss out!!

Image by Jane Lund from Pixabay
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Guest Post & Special Deal on Feeling Human

I’m the guest blogger over at Jacqui Murray’s Word Dreams today, writing about Experimental Fiction. I’ve also got a 99 cent Kindle deal running on my book, Feeling Human, from my Reality with a Twist books series. Check it out! Part of the article and a preview of my book are below…

I’m honored to be here to share with you today. As I told our host, Jacqui Murray, I’m not an expert on Experimental fiction. I’m not certain anyone is, since it’s always changing. But I’m happy to illuminate some of the features of this unusual classification. I believe I’ve written an Experimental novel, and Jacqui asked if I might give you some tips on writing one. So, I’ll also share my writing process with you.

What is Experimental Fiction?

This genre is hard to define since its basic definition is it’s fictional writing that’s falls outside of current conventions and standard genres. But let’s consider some characteristics and examples to get a sense of what Experimental fiction is all about. READ MORE…

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Halo Over the River

You can’t see the water, but I could feel it and hear it in the darkness when I stepped out to admire the lunar halo through the trees. I breathed in deeply. Looking out the window or through a lens misses so many sensations and connections that a walk outside bring to life. What a pleasure to stand in the night air under the moon.

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Winter Sunset – Happy Solstice

Days are short at this time of year where I live, but the light is often extra beautiful. I ran out to catch a photo of this beautiful sunset on Mt. Si a week ago, and decided to save it for today.

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Holiday Season to you and yours!

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Peaches and Pecans

Since several of you enjoyed the Blueberries and Mint French Toast version of Breakfast by the River, I thought I’d post my French Toast morning with warm Peaches, and Toasted Pecans. A dab of local Coriander Honey finished it off perfectly. Some cut grocery store flowers this time around.

I traded my purchased latte’ habit for cut flowers and fresh ground coffee at home. I actually save money and have fresh flowers all week long. I still have room in the budget for an occasional latte’ too. 😉

A breakfast tray and pretty spot to sit is a great way to spoil yourself and de-stress without extra cost or much added effort. Prep time is about 10-12 minutes including riverside tray delivery. Definitely worth skipping one more snooze alarm!

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Winged Painters

I’m watching for the birds, but must be content today seeing only their bold markings claiming their favorite rocks for their return and painting the river with natural works of art. I know a dipper left some of these lines. I’ve seen it faithfully re-marking them on other peaceful mornings, and noisily defending them when its companion lands on one it shouldn’t. But I can’t help but wonder what larger bird plans to keep the white-splashed flat stone to the right of center for its own?

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