Peaches and Pecans

Since several of you enjoyed the Blueberries and Mint French Toast version of Breakfast by the River, I thought I’d post my French Toast morning with warm Peaches, and Toasted Pecans. A dab of local Coriander Honey finished it off perfectly. Some cut grocery store flowers this time around.

I traded my purchased latte’ habit for cut flowers and fresh ground coffee at home. I actually save money and have fresh flowers all week long. I still have room in the budget for an occasional latte’ too. 😉

A breakfast tray and pretty spot to sit is a great way to spoil yourself and de-stress without extra cost or much added effort. Prep time is about 10-12 minutes including riverside tray delivery. Definitely worth skipping one more snooze alarm!

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Winged Painters

I’m watching for the birds, but must be content today seeing only their bold markings claiming their favorite rocks for their return and painting the river with natural works of art. I know a dipper left some of these lines. I’ve seen it faithfully re-marking them on other peaceful mornings, and noisily defending them when its companion lands on one it shouldn’t. But I can’t help but wonder what larger bird plans to keep the white-splashed flat stone to the right of center for its own?

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Breakfast at the Riverside

This summer I’ve taken to fixing a breakfast tray with a cut flower or two (usually from the yard, like this one) and transforming my typical two eggs and toast into blueberry mint French Toast – or banana hazelnut if the mood strikes. I thought I’d share this peaceful morning’s view with you…

It’s been quite some time since I shared photos of the river and mountains where I live, but I’m still here and occasionally finding time to take a few photos. I haven’t been happy with my camera situation, but that might change this December. If so, I suspect I’ll automatically start shooting and sharing more again. I’ve missed you!

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A New Review! Through the Cracks

I’m excited to be a part of one of my most-admired authors’ January Book Reviews collection! D. Wallace Peach said the following, about my latest novel, and you can find the original review post featuring Through the Cracks along with several others HERE.

Through the Cracks by Sheri J. Kennedy

Lydia is a teenager dealing with the aftermath and trauma of her father’s overdose death and her own suicide attempt. Her mom keeps a controlling eye on her as they both plod toward recovery. Then Lydia falls through the cracks – physically – of a door into the shop neighboring her mother’s store. There she meets and befriends Audrey, an older woman with experience and wisdom who sees the beautiful light inside Lydia and helps her see it as well.

The paranormal aspects of the story enhance and give visual affirmation to the healing power of connection. They also support the story’s pace by facilitating interactions that would happen more slowly in a world without “magic.” In essence, though, this is a story about love, healing, choices, trust, and the power of meaningful human connections. It suggests that caring for others is a way to find value, meaning, and light inside us.

I liked all the characters and connected with each of them, particularly Lydia and her mom who share the POV. There aren’t any villains in the story, but there are flawed people who make mistakes and struggle through the consequences. Their personal and interpersonal challenges resonated, and their story arcs were gratifying. A beautifully crafted story about growing up, healing wounds, and choosing love. Highly recommended.

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My New Book! Through the Cracks

Wow, I haven’t posted here for a while. I suppose you’ve noticed life’s been a bit strange this last couple years. But I had to stop by and share this with you all. It’s definitely from the heart! I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my latest Reality with a Twist book!! Through the Cracks is a rich and honest relationship story with a good measure of mystery and a bit of a supernatural element. It’s also the story of three women that fall within a wide age span, so it carries a three-generation view of life and friendship, fear and trust, and growing into who you are. I’m so excited to be sending this book out to you and into the story universe! CLICK HERE to learn more about it! Thanks for celebrating with me today!!!

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Recently I took part in a writing contest to honor and support Sue Vincent. 99 words in response to this photo and ‘Hidden.’ We’ve lost Sue from this world now, but I love that my poem in her honor was named, Vibrant. That’s the exact word I would use to describe her unique and amazing spirit. You can find the winners and all of the entries in this 99 word or 99 syllable contest HERE.

Photo credit: Sue Vincent She will be missed!

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