Varied Thrush by the River in the Snow

Our final snow level was a pile up of 32 inches. We were snowed in for 7 full days, and I’ve never been so glad to hear the grating sound of machinery as when the plow showed up┬áto free us late yesterday afternoon. We now have an eight foot pile of snow across from our car and clear pavement to drive on!
One of the good points of the snowy weather was watching the birds in the backyard. Here are a few photos of the varied thrush. They were plentiful and stood out with a splash of color against the world of white.

(The little red cone is the tip of our garden gnome’s hat re-emerging as the snow began to melt.)

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Trees in White

One of my favorite things about snow is the way it defines and transforms the various types of trees. Set of six.

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Architecture of Ease

While in California I realized the difference in architecture was an appreciated getaway as well as the other departures from my daily environment and routines. Set of six.


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Perfect Pair

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day I thought I’d post a pair of sets of six. One is from┬árecent walks with my husband and the other is a set of his takes on the recent snow. Featuring the other half of my perfect pair…

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The Strange get Stranger

I think flamingos are one of the strangest looking creatures on earth. They’re beautiful and exotic as ornaments in a yard or fountain, but oh-so-gawky and geeky when you get up close and personal. One of my favorite moments on my CA vacation was when my friends surprised me by stopping off at the Marriott Desert Springs and we hung out on a bench by a colonnade of royal palms and a fountain full of flamingos. Here’s a few rather odd and artsy photos of these odd and artsy birds. Set of six.

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Covered in Snow – Update

I chose the photos for today’s post a couple days ago. Since then it’s snowed considerably more, and in fact it’s snowed for over 3 more hours since the photos in this post were taken. But here’s a fresh update showing about 23 inches of snow in my yard… Set of Six.

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