Feb 12/16 is Ray of Sunshine


Today was intense and at times overwhelming, and I couldn’t wait for the impending weekend to arrive. When I finally escaped the pressures and multi-tasks of work to catch a quick beer at happy hour, I saw this rainbow as I parked my car. It pulled me out of my wintery funk and reminded me of the color on the horizon. Spring is on the way…I saw it all in that little ray of sunshine. And when I came out after dinner and a nice microbrew, I heard a chorus of frogs! Spring is so close they are singing about it.

This year I’m naming each day to remember that each is worth savoring in its own special way. Today is: Ray of Sunshine


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Feb 10/16 is Layered


Today had many segments of contrasting parts. A time for work, accounting, leadership, camaraderie, looking back, looking forward, writing and reading. I thought it was going to be a frantic and perhaps scrambly day, but each layer was like one in this lovely marriage of light layers that happened near sunset – vivid, clear, dramatic, fresh, inspiring and unified. It was a multi-happy layer-parfait.

This year I’m naming every day. Today is: Layered

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Feb 9/16 is Poetic

Last year I attended a Hike & Write hosted by the Washington State poet laureate, Elizabeth Austen. Since I met her and was added to her mailing list, I was notified of this fun and inspiring event…The Passing of the Laurel. She is done with her two year term, so the amazing Hugo House hosted a party and poetry reading where she literally, or should I say literately, passed a sprig of laurel leaves to Tod Marshall, who will take up the baton and lead us through the next two years. There were several poets who read in a wide variety of rich, wistful, cutting and hilarious styles.

I also felt privileged to get a chance to capture a few last moments at this literary Mecca before it’s forever changed. In a couple months Hugo House will relocate temporarily while this old building is demolished and a new one is built in its place. They will then occupy a space in the, undoubtedly, very different but still welcome literary artist’s space.

This year I’m naming each day in hopes to remember each has a unique beauty. Today is: Poetic


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Feb 8/16 is No Coat Required


It’s warm! February has delivered. I was out in a light sweater. One can walk in the wind without turning a well insulated back and pulling up a collar or hood to avoid breaking their teeth with chattering. How refreshing to enjoy this beautiful day.

I’m naming each day this year to remember that each has its unique flavor. Today is: No Coat Required.

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Feb 7/16 is Unplugged


This gorgeous sunset occurred while most of my community was inside and plugged into their televisions watching the Super Bowl. The streets were almost empty, but it took me several tries earlier to find a quite place to write since almost every cafe’ and bar was broadcasting the big game loudly. I enjoyed some time reading my critique partner’s manuscript in peace at last at The Black Dog Arts Café. Then I walked out and was likely one of very few who saw this glorious spectacle since I was unplugged.

I’m naming each day this year to encourage looking for the unique character of every one of them. Today is: Unplugged

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Feb 4/16 is New Discoveries


I had already started touting the wonders of Scrivener by the time I was half way through the tutorial. Tonight I began applying it to my current WIP novel edit. It was so exciting to discover all the ways it helps me organize my plot, characters, places, research, etc.

It takes a little time to put things in, but I can tell already that investment is well worth it. It takes one second to toggle to things I’ve forgotten. Everything about the character will be right there to add to as I make them grow in complexity. I’ll be able to see points clearly and move them around if I choose. I can insert scenes without losing track of the rest of the story arc.

It’s fun and has plenty of ways to make things more visual – so I can marry up my two brains and truly be a creative writer. It’s taking a lot of the tedious chore out of editing…Now that’s a fabulous new discovery!

Click on the icon above, or CLICK HERE to find out how to get a free trial. It’s not expensive if you decide you want to keep it, and if you did Nanowrimo and won this year, you have a 1/2 off Code in your Winner’s Goodies until May. Check it out!

And regarding the photo image above – Yes, the lines off the tips of the peaks that are in the sky really looked like that, they are not a digital effect of the capture.

I’m naming each day this year to remember to appreciate it’s unique character. Today is: New Discoveries


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Feb 3/16 is Listening

Elk at Meadowbrook 2-3-16 by Marion

Ever since I saw Greg Louganis last week, I keep remembering his closing statement. It was a Maya Angelou quote that I’ve heard before, but this time it’s sticking with me. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

I’ve been more tuned in to others, especially when it comes to listening. Being a task oriented person, I often get the nugget out of a conversation and get to work. I’m always searching for the point. But now I see sharing as the point. And people are sharing with me more.

This morning my husband made my day when he sent me the above photo that he took at a nearby field from the bus on his way to work in the city. He doesn’t do things like that often. He took the time to share with me, and it felt great!

Do you have a story of something someone did lately that made you feel good, or some way you made someone else feel special? Put it in comments, or share a link to your post. We’d like to share the moment with you.

This year I’m naming each day – looking for the unique character to appreciate. Today is: Listening


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Feb 2/16 is Details


On my walk along the river path, this lacy spindly bush with its tiny berries caught my eye. I like the way the delicate details contrast against the heavy mossy tree trunk.

My day today felt like this. Divergent branches with delicate details against a mass of common work.

This year I’m naming each day with hopes to find something unique about each and every one. Today is: Details


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Feb 1/16 is Stillness


After the flurry of meeting my deadline the Monday rush felt sleepy and mellow in comparison. I’m ready for some rest and stillness.

I’m naming each day this year in hopes of remembering that each day is worthy to savor. Today is: Stillness

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Jan 31/16 is Rushing


The 31st was my deadline to finish the first edit of the novel that will be published later this year so it could be sent in for critique. The task was enormous and as I got to the eleventh hour I was rushing to finish. I ran out for a quick walk by the river and was refreshed enough to finish the day’s work on time. And it turned out well! The story has come together, and I can’t wait to get the comments from the first critique and start on it again – second edit – afresh!

I’m naming each day this year to remember every day is unique.  Today is rushing.

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Jan 30/16 is Fresh


What a beautiful day. Each chance I got to be outside made me want to stay there. The whole environment was fresh and crisp, and the views were astounding in every direction.

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Jan 29/16 is Hail and Rainbows


Twice in a week! – the treat of seeing a rainbow on Mt. Si from my desk at work. Today it came right after a hail storm. Could Spring be hinting it’s around the corner?

I’m naming each day this year in honor of it’s special character. Today is: Hail and Rainbows

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Jan 27/16 is Moosapotami


A good friend of mine commissioned me to make custom t-shirts for her son and husband combining a moose head and hippo body and then adding a t-rex tail to create, Moosapotamus and Moosapotamus Rex! I asked her to send me a photo of the pair donning the designs. What fun to see my artwork come to life and cause smiles all around!

I’m naming each day this year as a reminder that each one has a unique character. Today is: Moosapotami

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Jan 26/16 is Adventures


When one can’t travel, traveling by novel is the next best thing. Sometimes it’s even better since the feet stay warm by the fire and there are no missed flights.

Yesterday, (I’m a little late on posting) I had the great pleasure of dropping back into the adventures contained in one of my favorite books I’ve read in a long time, Dawn of Steam, First Light, by Jeffrey Cook with Sarah Symonds. It’s set in 1815 and is loosely based on some historical events along with invented travels across America via dirigible in a steam-based society. It has adventure in the Jules Verne tradition and relationships and humor that make me think of Jane Austen. The colorful characters and lively narrative captured my imagination so well that I asked Jeffrey Cook if I could set my new character, the witty Miss Livingstone, on the Dame Fortuna, to travel with them during one of her time traveling adventures. He graciously gave permission and was pleased that I would wish to build on his alternate history with some of my own.

I’ve been madly editing Miss Livingstone’s first novel, and honestly, I was feeling frazzled. But when I came to the chapter when she arrived on the dirigible I was all in again. I went back and read a scene in Jeffrey Cook’s book to make sure I stay to the ‘facts’ and was once again delighted and swept off on adventure.

Here’s a snippet of the first edit of The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone:

“Oh!” I can’t stifle my cries. It’s one shock after another. I’ve realized the detail of the ground below and comprehended how high I must be… “Flying! I’m flying!”

“Yes, indeed, or rather we are riding and the Dame Fortuna is flying, to be exact.” A young boy addressed me with a self-important air.

He seems quite pleased with his grasp of the workings of the situation. “But pardon my asking, who are you?” His brows sit up high and mighty awaiting my answer.

“The Dame Fortuna? But…”

“Aw Miss, don’t tease me. I know that’s the ship’s name, I just said so. And…”

“But that must make you the young Master Matthew Fisher-Swift.”

“You’ve heard of me?” He beamed as bright as his white-blonde hair.

“Well only in stories—accounts, I should say. Remarkable!” I’ve taken another peek over the side and looked upward at the open sky. Without a doubt, I stand upon the deck of the renowned dirigible of the past. I’ve achieved my dream of flight, although not with the fine young Mr. Chesterton of Chesterton Air, but rather on the very vessel that first birthed my hopes of air travel. For I have read the letters and journal entries collected by Dr. Cordelia Bentham-Watts that chronicle the amazing journeys of the Dame Fortuna and those that were part of its enviable grand quest to repeat and prove plausible the journeys of the wild adventurer, Mr. Bowe.

The first collection was released in 1887 just before I was born. When I was a girl of seven and a precocious reader, I conquered the challenges of more difficult reading along with this dirigible’s crew’s conquering of the American west. How thrilling. Can it be true? Can Miss Harriett Wright and the famous Coltranes and the infamous… “Sam Bowe! Pardon me, is Miss Samantha Bowe on this craft?”

“Oh yes, ma’am, I reckon Miss Bowe is about. Do you know her?”

“In a manner of speaking yes, but we haven’t…Oh, do you think I could meet her?”

“Now how did you get aboard this craft without meeting the…You still haven’t told me who you are.” The boy crooked his brow and pulled his shoulders back fiercely.

“Livingstone. I’m Miss Livingstone from Boston, and the far west. And the ornithopter? Is it here too?”

“Yes, though it’s still not quite itself after the storm and all. Not to fault Miss Wright’s handwork on repairs. I’m still on the mend as well, they say. But as you can see, I’m perfectly capable of keeping watch. I found you, after all.”

“You certainly did, sir. And I think it’s about time you reported it so.”

“Should I report it to Aunt Ruth or take you straight to Eddy?”

“Oh my, I’m feeling a bit faint.” I dropped the purple stone down my bodice just in time to use both hands to keep myself from pitching over the edge as things went black of a sudden. I’ve recovered my sight quickly, but have the shakes.

“Now that you mention it, Miss, you do look like you’re dressed for resting. I don’t normally see woman in dressing gowns or clothes without all of those contraptions and all, except for Miss Bowe, of course, but she’s got her own reasons. Can’t hardly knife-fight in a corset. Don’t tell Aunt Ruth I’m talking of such things.”

“Knives or lady’s undergarments”

“Either… or I mean, neither would be best.”

-by Sheri J. Kennedy aka Kennedy J. Quinn

All Rights Reserved.

I’m giving each day a unique name this year hoping to remember that each has it’s own beauty. Today is: Adventures


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