Scene 03-25 Must be Spring!

Scene 03-25It must be Spring! Snow on the mountain top and daffodils in the gardens.

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Scene 03-22 Patches of Changing Weather

The mountain is a patchwork, a quilt of changing weather windows all around the valley.

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Scene 03-21 Rainbow Roots

Spring arrives with rainbows, and the mountain seems to rise from rainbow roots.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Music – North Bend Jazz Walk

The timing for this week’s Cee’s B&W challenge topic could not have been better. Saturday was our local annual Jazz Walk which has become quite famous by its third year. Pretty awesome for a small town, with a once struggling restaurant purchased by a jazz enthusiast. and an inspiring story about what can grow from one man’s generosity and passion.

I shot the whole evening in black and white, thanks to Cee! Here is a selection of some of my favorites:

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Scene 03-19 Caught One!

Caught one! She caught a tasty critter for dinner, and I caught her before she gulped it down. She actually went under water out in the swifter current and came up with it and then brought it near to the shore. Usually the morsel is gone in a flash, but this must have been exceptionally big or troublesome…lucky for me.

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Scene 03-18 A Parting Puff of Pink

And a parting puff of pink….

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Scene 03-17 Green Beer and Good Cheer!

Scene 03-17I tossed back a green beer and a black frog stout with my friend Judy this evening – in true American style. St. Paddy’s probably rolling in his grave when we roll out the green kolsh barrels in remembrance of our Irish grand-daddies.

St. Patrick,

Your history is oft forgot

but your name is remembered throughout the years

and though a leprechaun you’re not

you leave us the riches of friendly, “cheers!”

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Scene 03-16 Rain-washed and Sun-kissed

Scene 03-16Rain-washed and sun-kissed the first open blossom outside my office window was there to greet me this morning. Happy Monday!

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Scene 03-15 Georgia’s Inside and Out

In January I happened upon a sudden renovation and got one of the few – perhaps the only photo of an old sign that had once graced the front of George’s Bakery, an iconic business here in our town. You can see the sign and my post about that story HERE. It was uncovered and then destroyed as part of the transition to Georgia’s Bakery. I’ve been curious how things look now that it has reopened, so I stopped by and captured this image through the window, complete with reflections. So here’s Georgia’s Bakery inside and out.

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Scene 03-14 Swamped

Sorry I’ve been a little sporadic with my posts this week. Like these cairns in the rising water I’ve been swamped with extra work getting my Novel ready for release of the 2nd edition on April 1st. Stay tuned!

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Scene 03-12 Robins and the Mating Game

These are the first robins I’ve seen this spring, and they showed up with flits and flirts. They were bouncing around the branches like chickadees. The third seemed anxious at first but then perched at ease long after the others were gone.

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Scene 03-11 Bright Blossoms Abound

This color jumped out and grabbed me on my lunchtime walk. I had to stop and celebrate its beauty.

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Scene 03-10 Moon in the Morning

The moon was setting as the sun was rising…cool in the mist.

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Scene 03-10 Lit with Gold

The sun came up to meet the mist that had stolen across the valley at dawn, creating a magical morning lit with gold.

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