W is for Writing

SCAN0054Yes, I am a writer, and with that one last pesky page of my sketchbook I decided to celebrate it. Recently a blog-friend gently pointed out that my novel was almost invisible on my blog. I’ve been working on fixing that. So here’s an homage to my fantasy novel, Secret Order of the Overworld. I’m a big participator in my local writing community as well. I am co-ML for the Snoqualmie Valley Region of NaNoWriMo (small but mighty in word count!) and I run a co-op of indie-published and traditionally published authors, FreeValley Publishing. Cheers to all you writers and authors out there, and enjoy the journey!


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Scene 04-25 Stop the Car!

Scene 04-25I missed most of the beautiful day while readying a scene from my upcoming novel to be performed on stage in radio drama style next month. It’s always a tough balance between my love for the outdoors and the time it takes for my love of writing. But thanks to another favorite pursuit, photography, I am often driven to quit driving and grab gorgeous moments of the fading day before they are gone. On my way home from where I was writing today, this one cried out to stop the car.

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V is for Velocity by Volition

SCAN0053I love the word Velo for a bicycle since it reminds me of Velocity: the rate of change of the displacement, the difference between the final and initial position of an object. It’s a specification of its speed and direction of motion. There is nothing quite like the feeling of crossing territory on a bike – by one’s own Volition. Some folks are put off by the effort up the hills, but it’s all worthwhile to come down the other side!  And for the satisfaction I feel at the end of the ride.


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U is for Under Cover (Not to be confused with Undercover)

SCAN0041There is nothing secretive here, though it was a little tricky to create the title page of my sketchbook under the cover. I learned that free-form snowflake-type fold cutting is challenging when the page is attached in a book. And with my theme, ‘Parts of the Whole,’ I decided it would be cool to create letters that would leave their negative space holes readable when I cut them out, but which I could use the cut out parts to write the title as well. Thus the whole is still there, but in parts, and I think it’s fun that it’s kind of more than the sum of its parts since it creates two titles from one set of cutting.

I’d like to take credit for the cleverness of having the bike part, chain, end up reading as ‘Arts of the Whole’ since the ‘P’ is on the cardboard and somewhat disappears. But actually it was serendipitous due to cutting a little further down the chain than I had thought and then having to re-angle the piece to overlap onto the other page to fit the ‘E’ on at the bottom. I was frustrated for a moment when it caused the overlap, but then I noticed how it read and was much happier with the end result than what I had set out to do. It makes the perfect subtitle!

I am a big planner, but I consider serendipity and adaptation a huge part of creating artwork that breathes. Rigid affectation never comes out as well as allowing creativity to evolve, in my opinion. (I used to over control it, so I learned from experience!) I often say, ‘An artist doesn’t get better at creating, they just get better at working with their mistakes.’


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Scene 04-23 April Showers Bring…

Scene 04-23

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T is for Touch

SCAN0043And yes, that is a cookie’s tongue stuck on that frozen glass. Uh huh, I think it’s weird too!


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Scene 04-22 Bountiful Blossoms

DSCN3617This dogwood is beautiful every year, but this year I think it has outdone itself for number and perfection of blossoms. I had to stop and catch an image to share!


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S is for Scary

SCAN0051Though my posts are generally positive on Sheri J Kennedy Riverside, it is not because I have blinders on to the heavy and tragic side of life. I am well aware that I am currently in a special place of beauty and calm, and this is not so for everyone. Part of why I blog is to encourage those who are reaching for beauty and peace and to hopefully share some healing with those who are hurting. This world is often a scary place, and we as humans are mixed creatures of dark and light. May the light shine on and through you today.


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R is for Revealed

I had this picture hanging in a fairly dim spot for quite awhile now. I took it out of its frame to clean the glass, and I set it in a different spot temporarily. The sun came through the trees like a spotlight on the piece, and all the little fairies at her feet were revealed for the first time in years!


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Q is for Quality

SCAN0049There was some quality in my mind associated with this image of the woman in the elevator that demanded that I keep the other elements of this design clean and ‘high end’. A friend of mine wanted a juxtaposition that brought the highly designed woman down to earth in some way. I left her on her pedestal.


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Scene 04-18 Sailing Away

A beautiful day on Bellingham Bay… Happy Birthday, Big Brother! It was fun to hang out with you today!

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P is for Pleasing

SCAN0052The things on this sketchbook page just have the commonality of pleasing me. The bike and cat lazing in the sun have a promise of a perfect day in my world. What promises a great day for you?


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O is for Oh! an Owl!

SCAN0056The reveal doesn’t work quite as well in a blog post as when you turn the page to the back of the book, but this little guy surprises and greets you as the final farewell in my sketchbook this year. There are more pages to come during A-Z Challenge since I’m going by letter, so stay tuned for the rest of the artwork over the next week or so.


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Scene 04-16 Longer Days to Love

Along with the new leaves, spring brings longer days, and I can arrive home while the backyard is still magical with golden highlights of sunshine.

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