Fiery Exit

I can really feel Fall in the air. It’s so much cooler, and mists are once again shrouding the mountain peaks around the valley. But the sun’s still struggling through and keeping color in the days that start with grey.


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OK, It’s a Go…

Yup, I admit it, I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since the day it was released. Though I’m a casual collector, not a hard-core gym master. Recently I’ve had some fun capturing them as photos as well. These two visited at happy hour while I was hard at work editing my nearly finished novel, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone – Book I: Memory Key. It’ll be released in late October under my pen name, Kennedy J. Quinn.

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Boeing Fly-over

The valley where I live is host to one of the PGA tour games, the Boeing Classic, at our local ‘members only’ golf course the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. It’s a huge event, though most of us locals don’t attend – it’s quite exclusive. We do, however, get to take part in the annual ‘Boeing Fly-over’ that kicks off the tournament.

Since we live fairly far from an airport and close to a high elevation mountain range, The Cascades, we rarely see jets except as tiny specks high above. They are barely audible. So it’s an occasion to see and hear each year’s chosen full-sized jet flying East across the valley and banking a huge turn near Mt. Si to head back West to Boeing field in Seattle. We call and text each other when it’s on its way and run outside to catch the moment. A fun tradition…


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