Pike Place Hustle and Bustle

Set of six. As the day passed, the market filled with people and the city with noise. Music, laughter, crowds.

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Stones and Currents

Set of six. Colors and patterns of river’s surface, sky’s reflections, stones below in clarity and partial obscurity. Nature’s abstracts.

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River in Color

Set of Six. Full sun brings full beauty to the river. Rushing rapids to reflective pools. All is aglow.

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On Top of Mt. Si

Set of Six. With the wonder of technology we fly 4000 feet to capture the moods at the top of the mountain. Which is your favorite?

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Taking a Dip

Set of 6. The American Dipper. A fascinating songbird. Without webbed feet they swim in icy cold rushing currents. They walk and scramble along the bottom of the river, and they dive in and out hopping onto the stones with remarkable speed and agility. (You can see this one on video HERE) They have extra eyelids that appear white but are transparent and protect their eyes but allow them to see under the water. You can see the white lid in the third image. They’re industrious feeders and aggressively protect their territories. They usually nest in hidden crevasses behind small falls of water or other difficult to access spots along mountain streams.

Although their grey toned feathers blend masterfully into the colors of the river rocks, they’re easy to spot by their movement – especially their trademark bobbing or dipping motion as they stand on the rocks between ‘fishing’ dives. I see them often in my yard and along the river trail, methodically moving along the shoreline or fully in the rushing water in one direction. If you spot one and would like a closer look, just note which direction they’re traveling and get near the waterline well ahead of them. If you’re still, they’re quite bold in how near they’ll pass by you. Though if they spook at all they’ll generally fly completely away up or downstream.

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Pike Place Morning

Set of 6. Arriving Sunday morning before the chaos of tourism transforms the peaceful wonders of the cityscape to a teeming sea of humanity.

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