Evening in Green


The backyard was alight with glorious green tonight. I wonder how many maple leaves there are up there?

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It’s History

20160527_210641 blur

The best thing about editing my steam era time travel novel, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone, is I get to learn bits and pieces of history. It’s somewhat ironic that I’m writing a story steeped in history and alternate history since it was my least preferred subject in school. I blame the curriculum and perhaps some agenda-driven teachers. The history I was taught was a series of wars strung together by a few interesting tidbits which I clung to like this banner will cling to the lamp post in the upcoming storm.

Now I get to search for the tasty treats of color amongst the looming storms of mankind’s unfolding and drop them into my story as delicious morsels to enhance the flavor of fanciful fiction. Ahhh… I hope you’ll ride upon the steam train of my dreams when published this October. Stay tuned…

I took this photo in Snoqualmie this evening – the setting for the base of my heroine’s life in 1910. I was inspired to use this setting when the Northwest Railway Museum brought a steam engine to the town’s festival ‘Railroad Days’ in 2014. I live about 8 miles from the Snoqualmie depot, built in 1890.

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A Night Out

I had a great time out with friends at our local brew pub in Snoqualmie last night. Gotta love the weekend.


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