In the Pink


Covered in freshly fallen May showers.

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Columbines! My favorite time of the year


I’ve been cultivating a columbine garden for many years now. By cultivating, I mean watching for when the seed pods ripen and shaking them inward to fill every nook and cranny of a large area I’ve surrounded with a river rock border. I started the garden by encouraging a few wildflowers to spread where they naturally grew, and then added some extra colors one year by trading an envelope of my wild seeds for the wild seeds from a friend’s yard.  I also carry a few of the seeds to my backyard garden ring each year, but the level of shade there lets less of them flourish.

As you can see, it creates a riot of color with many fascinating forms to discover. I’ll share several more of these images – some taken at night with the nearby porch light highlighting them, some in dry weather, some in morning light, some dewy with raindrops and even a couple spotlighted by the golden light of evening.

Stay tuned for more…

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Caught in my Beard




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Spring Green

The baby leaves are popping like flames of hope against the shadows.

20200412_170714 (1).jpg

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Wider Horizons

Comforts of home are wonderful, but I find myself dreaming of wider horizons.


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View from my Writing Desk

I’m taking a short staycation to work on book III of my Miss LiV Adventures series and have a break from work. What a delight to write outside in the Spring weather. I’m wrapped in fleece since it’s only mild, not warm, but the sun and fresh air feel wonderful!20200409_105450.jpg

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