Z – Zee

Zee is the Dutch word for Sea – deep sea, in particular. My time alone on the shore at sunset was deep last evening…a different form of deep perhaps – Zee Zen.DSCN6174

Z   Thanks for coming along on A to Z Challenge with me this year!

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Y – Yonder

I’m headed into the wild grey yonder…If forecasts are correct it should be somewhat blue by tomorrow and gorgeous on Sunday. I’m so excited to go down by the ocean for a casual writing retreat with friends. The hard part will be avoiding all the tempting surrounding attractions and staying on task. But I’m sure it will be wonderful! Stay tuned for photos from the trip…

Westport Kathy 9 27 09 310 - Copy

Above photo was from a prior trip to Westport. This time I’ll be at Long Beach, WA and, if all goes well, will stop in at Astoria, OR on the return trip.


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X = Vote, X = Nothing

I’m going to get serious for a moment…Are you still here? Good, because that’s what this is about. Distraction from the real issues.

Oddly enough, it’s the things that seem the most real that may be the biggest distraction of all. We’re presented with ideas, issues, controversies. We’re asked to ‘LIKE’ things such as efforts to conquer disease or the momentary triumph of someone challenged by extreme hardship.

DSCN5997We put in our vote online. We read the moving story. We hear the political issue debated and weigh in on ‘our side’. And we feel like we’ve done something. But we’ve actually accomplished Nothing.


Do more than care. Do more than vote. Do Something. Make a Real difference.


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