Scene 05-19 All Together Now…

Scene 05-19The columbines are winding down, but they stayed in bloom long enough for the azalea bush to come into full bloom and for even some of the rhododendron blossoms to open. At one point I counted over 300 columbine flowers. The front yard is a burst of color!

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Scene 05-18 Late Dinner Sunset

Scene 05-18The last rays of sunset are coming at about 9:00 pm now. Just in time for a very late dinner. Summer’s coming soon!

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Scene 05-16 Local Folk


The Poindexters at Piccola Cellars

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Scene 05-10 Pairing Up

DSCN3736DSCN3730DSCN3723First sighting of a harlequin pair on our beach this season. They’re back! :)

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Scene 05/08 The Irises are Here!


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The Versatile Blogger Award – Thanks!

versatileblogger111I haven’t responded to an award fully in a long time. I’m always grateful and humbled to be chosen, and I thought it was time to play this time.

I’d like to thank Rachel Barnard for nominating me. She is a talented young author, and I would highly recommend checking out her blog, as well as her published novels. I especially liked At One’s Beast. You can see my review of it HERE.

Here are 7 things about me:

  1. The place where I live, Snoqualmie Valley, has become a big part of me, and I a part of it. Both the nature and the people are welcoming and rich in spirit, giving me an environment that nurtures my well-being and encourages me to give all I can to add to that beauty for everyone.
  2. I am a writer. Since 2006 I have focused a huge part of my energy and time on writing and have grown to an author thanks in large part to my skillful and encouraging friends in SnoValley Writes! Thanks to their support in keeping me moving ahead I have published a novel and edited, designed and/or contributed to several books, and  started an offshoot group of published authors, FreeValley Publishing. My author name is Kennedy J. Quinn.
  3. I love fine coffee and craft beer.
  4. My favorite mode of transportation is a bicycle or my feet.
  5. I am always working on projects – most often with other writers. I’m currently co-ordinating this one with local actors and writers. I can’t wait to see our scenes come to life on stage! Find out more about it HERE.bard-starlet-radio-hour-flyer-final (1)
  6. I created the poster in point #5. I love artwork and especially like working on collages whether physically cut out or digital images.
  7. Blogging has been a surprising pleasure to me, and I love connecting with people from all over the world.

The Versatile Blogger Award is given in recognition for the great commitment, diverse talents and generosity shown by bloggers here in our community. There is so much creativity on display that it is difficult to reduce a list to only a few, but for those nominated, it is hoped that it will motivate them as well as celebrate their work to date.

Here are the rules:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to fifteen blogs
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

My Nominees:

I am finding it impossible to choose between so many amazing bloggers I follow, and many of you prefer not to do these challenges. So I nominate any of those who I follow and/or any of you who follow me who would like to accept this award and nominate others. Go for it! You deserve it for all of your sharing with us!

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Scene 05-01 It Must be May

…And the flowers have arrived. The columbines are my favorite.

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Z is for Zephyr

Marion 2008My husband is my zephyr. When he blew into my life things got cooler. The clutter of my overly settled in ways shifted and opened into breezy pathways to something more. Loneliness whispered away and a gentle murmur of two filled the air. Rooms that were stilted in my soul were filled with freshness that lingers and flows, ever-changing and never-ending.

I was reminded of how special this is by a post that a friend of mine wrote. I have known this amazing woman for most of the nine years she speaks of, and I have seen her treat not only her man, and her children this way, but those around her, and I’m so glad she has found solid love, as I have had the privilege to do as well.

But I’m actually placing her post here (with her permission) because I think it’s the best summation of what it takes to have a successful marriage (or relationship, for that matter) that I have seen…And it’s full of heart. You can CLICK HERE to read it on her blog, Casz’s Fiction Farm or make your way through my snippets, but please Read on…

Casz 1Casz 2Casz 3Casz 4ZThanks for another great year of A-Z my friends! It’s been fun to discover more of you out there, and I look forward to continuing to connect with my new followers and those I have found to follow. And thanks to my loyal blog-friends for enjoying this month’s diversion into the alphabetical. I look forward to continuing to connect with you as well! -SJK

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Y is for Yearly

SCAN0040For the last several years I have taken this small journey of filling a sketchbook and sending it off to Brooklyn, NY and then travelling to see it along with the inspiring and incredible sketchbooks that others have filled when the tour comes to my remote corner of the country. The Sketchbook Project has announced that this summer’s 2015 tour will be the last.

I highly encourage you to make a date to see the tour stop near you. The spirit of sharing that surrounds this project is unparalleled in my experience. People have paid to share their art with you and then filled their tiny tomes with treasures that make you laugh and think and oooo and ahhh. And those who come to see what hides inside the covers marvel at the wonders they find and freely share the books they discover, though time is short to see them. It is richly rewarding in camaradarie and inspiration.


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X is for The Unknown

SCAN0055Often we intuit or come right smack up against gateways in life. Many times we can’t see through to the other side, and we have to decide whether to go through, go around or sit at the door without information on the outcome of our choice. One of these choices for me was to learn to bicycle again at the age of 30. I’m so glad I did! Usually there is some fear at moving through the gates presented to us. I was scared and excited to bike again.

Will you take the risk to grow and achieve? YOU ARE HERE – X


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W is for Writing

SCAN0054Yes, I am a writer, and with that one last pesky page of my sketchbook I decided to celebrate it. Recently a blog-friend gently pointed out that my novel was almost invisible on my blog. I’ve been working on fixing that. So here’s an homage to my fantasy novel, Secret Order of the Overworld. I’m a big participator in my local writing community as well. I am co-ML for the Snoqualmie Valley Region of NaNoWriMo (small but mighty in word count!) and I run a co-op of indie-published and traditionally published authors, FreeValley Publishing. Cheers to all you writers and authors out there, and enjoy the journey!


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Scene 04-25 Stop the Car!

Scene 04-25I missed most of the beautiful day while readying a scene from my upcoming novel to be performed on stage in radio drama style next month. It’s always a tough balance between my love for the outdoors and the time it takes for my love of writing. But thanks to another favorite pursuit, photography, I am often driven to quit driving and grab gorgeous moments of the fading day before they are gone. On my way home from where I was writing today, this one cried out to stop the car.

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V is for Velocity by Volition

SCAN0053I love the word Velo for a bicycle since it reminds me of Velocity: the rate of change of the displacement, the difference between the final and initial position of an object. It’s a specification of its speed and direction of motion. There is nothing quite like the feeling of crossing territory on a bike – by one’s own Volition. Some folks are put off by the effort up the hills, but it’s all worthwhile to come down the other side!  And for the satisfaction I feel at the end of the ride.


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U is for Under Cover (Not to be confused with Undercover)

SCAN0041There is nothing secretive here, though it was a little tricky to create the title page of my sketchbook under the cover. I learned that free-form snowflake-type fold cutting is challenging when the page is attached in a book. And with my theme, ‘Parts of the Whole,’ I decided it would be cool to create letters that would leave their negative space holes readable when I cut them out, but which I could use the cut out parts to write the title as well. Thus the whole is still there, but in parts, and I think it’s fun that it’s kind of more than the sum of its parts since it creates two titles from one set of cutting.

I’d like to take credit for the cleverness of having the bike part, chain, end up reading as ‘Arts of the Whole’ since the ‘P’ is on the cardboard and somewhat disappears. But actually it was serendipitous due to cutting a little further down the chain than I had thought and then having to re-angle the piece to overlap onto the other page to fit the ‘E’ on at the bottom. I was frustrated for a moment when it caused the overlap, but then I noticed how it read and was much happier with the end result than what I had set out to do. It makes the perfect subtitle!

I am a big planner, but I consider serendipity and adaptation a huge part of creating artwork that breathes. Rigid affectation never comes out as well as allowing creativity to evolve, in my opinion. (I used to over control it, so I learned from experience!) I often say, ‘An artist doesn’t get better at creating, they just get better at working with their mistakes.’


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