Just for Fun

My ‘Dead Authors’ costume for NaNoWriMo kick-off in 2011. Any guesses who I am supposed to be?

A cross-stitch patch I designed and created several years back and just added to my netbook bag. Photo courtesy of my brother dedmanshootn. It still makes me smile.

I was totally charmed by the wonderful wooden cake toppers that Hannah Wehrheim posted, that she created of herself and her groom-to-be.  It brought back memories of my own cake toppers and the fun I had creating them and debuting them on our cake.  I told her I would take some photos of mine and post them.  Thanks for the inspiration, Hannah!  I decided to show them in the same way they are displayed in my cabinet.  The dish is a favorite my grandma gave me, and the rhinestone necklace is the one my maid of honor gave me to wear in my ‘five-star’ wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Marion & Sheri Kennedy, August, 21,1999

Our cake was decorated like a garden. Marion’s figure was kicking back in the grass, and mine sat on the edge of the cake looking across at him. Our caterers put me on his lap in the leftovers box. A good laugh! They stayed that way ever after. 🙂

I love to dress up for theme parties or events when called for, like the 40’s ‘femme fatale’ photo that is my Gravatar portrait from The Night of Writing Dangerously with NaNoWriMo.

Here’s what I pulled out of my closet for the early 20’s.  (Photos courtesy Marion A. Kennedy):


6 Responses to Just for Fun

  1. Those cake toppers are a riot!!!!!!! Until I got to the part about how the caterers placed them, i thought your mini bride spent your wedding day that way! Love them. How did you make them? And thanks for the shoutout. thats super awesome!


    • They are made of FIMO, an oven bake-able molding material. I used toothpicks and an X-acto blade to manipulate tiny details. The gloss is a sealer that you add on when done. They’ve lasted very well. Unlike you, I didn’t get them made so far in advance, and I actually created them while at work (I was a picture framer, so it was kind of a crafty workplace) on the last day before I left to fly to San Francisco to get married. I also had to set my alarm 3 times that night to add sealer after they cooled and coats dried, working with a tiny spotlight so-as not to disturb my guests sleeping all over the apartment ready for our early-departing shuttle to the airport. Glad you’re thinking ahead! The hardest part was getting the sculptures to be fairly closely scaled to each other. Though my husband really is a foot taller than I. I loved making the hair the best for both. 🙂 Thanks so much for your exhuberant enjoyment of them with me!


  2. Loved the cakey things (LOL) and you…how gorgeous


  3. Thanks so much….I’m blushing! 🙂


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