In the Garden


Foxglove on the river trail – June 16, 2012

At last the rhody in my yard blooms! 6-7-12 Raindrops on blossoms is a theme this Spring.

May 5/12 Bee Bonnet

Delicate Snowdrops no bigger than a fingertip glow in the spring afternoon light. May 5/12

We had only one tulip this year that came up volunteer, but it’s a beauty!


9 Responses to In the Garden

  1. Love your garden 🙂


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  3. geralin89 says:

    Amazing photos!
    Somehow they have a tropical touch. Even with the tulip and the snowdrop.


    • Yes, I often think that our NW foliage looks tropical in the spring…I think it’s because there’s so much rain the growth is very lush. Also, getting in very close up (many of these shots are on macro settings) lets the fauna dominate the scene. I grew up in Miami, which was sub-tropical, and I’ve always loved that bursting-with-life feeling of plants. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. bjones1031 says:

    Especially love the blue iris! Gorgeous!


  5. That brown iris is absolutely stunning.


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