Eastern Washington, Montana, Idaho – Ziplining and Biking

Here’s a photo series of an adventure trip with my friend, Jody, to Eastern Washington, biking the Hiawatha Trail in Montana, ziplining and visiting Wallace, Idaho and biking along Lake Coeur D’Alene in Idaho.

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You can see several of the photos come to life in short videos at these links:

A taste of biking in the Hiawatha Trail tunnel and out of it at the end (Please bear with the swinging camera, it will become steady)

My friend Jody zipping away

Our final side by side zip from a camera on my shoulder

A great look at the final side by side zip landing of the couple that zipped with us

Biking along Lake Coeur D’Alene near Harrison

View from the bike bridge across Lake Coeur D’Alene

Biking along on the landbridge


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