Nature’s Abstracts

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11 Responses to Nature’s Abstracts

  1. ddivna says:

    Wow, great collection, a stunningly beautiful! I can not choose my favorites because they are all wonderful! Did you make them all?


  2. Hi Sheri, I enjoyed viewing these photographs. I particularly admired the reflection of the tree in the rippling water and the insect held in suspension on the surface of water. Very interesting!


  3. Power and beauty-wonderful images


  4. angels2send says:

    i enjoyed that so much, thank you.


  5. calmgrove says:

    Beautifully observed, subtle and thoughtful images, thank you.


  6. Deborah Lean says:

    A stunning collection of work. They make me want to paint, but I could never do them justice. Thanks for sharing.


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