Morning Walk

Riverbend Park with Frozen Lake

Up Close Between the Lake and River
Around the Bend
View of Mt. Si – End of the River Trail, January 16, 2012
First Snow of the Season – Walking with my Husband, January 16, 2012

4 Responses to Morning Walk

  1. tommiaw says:

    These are fantastic photos – Around the Bend inviting a daring cold swim and Up Close… a wonderful compliment to the intimate river shot.


  2. Tanzz says:

    For Mumbaikars who is always under the harshness of sun,this place looks like Heaven. How I wish if there could be a snowfall here.:D.Great pictures.Keep posting.


    • Where I grew up it was hot and humid and the land was flat. It was always warm and never snowed. There were warm ocean beaches, but the rivers were dirty and slow. I appreciate the wonder of the cool mountains and clear, blue-green rivers here every day, but I agree that there is just something about the snow. I’m so glad I can share the magic with you. It often sneaks in quietly in the night and transforms the world when you open your eyes to the morning. One of my favorite things about snow is when it falls very softly and everything seems to hush. Many people don’t drive because of it, and school gets postponed. It’s like a sudden holiday. We’ll have to wait until at least October for new snow pictures, but you might also enjoy this photo from January


  3. Tanzz says:

    Yeah I know it is a bliss to slow down. It feels serene.


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