Cool Artwork Links

I’ll Leave the Light on For You – by Sheri J. Kennedy, 1999

Please enjoy connecting to some of the artwork that I found noteworthy on my journeys through the web.

If you’d like to know more about the image above, please click here. Beautiful and fun!  Now this is art!  Love this! I found this piece especially compelling.  Her other work just adds to the wonder.  A great collection of works. beautiful! Hilarious, and I love the comic style. A art-filled visit to Portland, OR with a glimpse of sketchbooks from around the world. A look at an artist’s process in creating a major collage.  My first work for The Sketchbook Project created in 2010. ‘My Life from a Yellow Submarine’ This young lady creates with every breath and the world is better for it!  Please check out her blog ‘Avant Garde in my Backyard’.  You’re in for a treat….and you can purchase some of her work too….lucky you!  This fabulous blog holds rich and fluid watercolor portraits, intensely detailed and wonderfully whimsical illustrations and a never-ending supply of other visual delights.  I think she’s a ‘must follow’!  A look at Daniel Agdad’s incredibily intricate architectural dreams and  whimsical machines in miniature.  Phenomenal! John Macormac’s works are highly refined collage’-paint pieces where intriguing vignettes emerge from fabulously textured environments.  The layers of inspiration and process are evident in the pleasing finished works.  While enjoying the images, be sure to check out the ‘About’ page that gives a glimpse into his rich process.

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