Fun with Fungi

I’ve always enjoyed mushrooms and the never-ending variety of forms of fungi.  Here’s my collection of images of Pacific NW fungi from the last  few years.  Some are from a NW mushroom show, but most are from the Hoh Rainforest or from local hikes, my yard and neighborhood walks.

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15 Responses to Fun with Fungi

  1. Fantastic, you’ve a perceptive eye.


    • Thanks! It took me 2 hours to walk the 1/2 mile trail at the rainforest. I was fancinated by every little nook and cranny, and the more I looked, the more I saw. I enjoyed trying to frame my findings to catch their small environments too.


  2. whoa! so cool. where was this taken?


    • Most were in the Hoh Rainforest…see the link above…It’s a fascinating place and is nestled in a coastal mountain range and very near the ocean. Wonderful place to vacation and explore on the coast of Washington State.


  3. I am a big shroom fan. To lay down in damp leaves, breathe in the autumn, bring long exposures to places where light doesn’t fall. The colours are like cream and gold. I have had some great moments taking pictures of mushrooms.


    • Yeah, something about them fascinates me, and I do love the places it takes me when I am on the hunt with my camera. I’m always blown away by how many there are when you just start looking. Makes me feel the moisture of fall on this hot, dry summmer day! I can smell the leaves as you describe them.


  4. Thank you for your photographs of fungi. As you have said, the subtle beauty of fungi often goes unnoticed until we take the time to start looking and noticing.


  5. Teju says:

    Fantastic fungi you’ve managed to capture! beautiful pics!


  6. cindy knoke says:

    Simply spectacular.


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  8. So different from the fungi that grows in my area. Thanks for the pictures!


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