Hoodies! and Other Winged Wonders

Terns at Semiahmoo
I was out by the river one afternoon and noticed a downy woodpecker acting kind of strange. When I approached, it flew away, but it left it’s young chick behind. I snapped a couple photos and then backed off to let the nervous calling mama bird return to it’s babe.
Brewer’s Blackbirds are common and can cause trouble for farmers, but I find their bright eyes full of sass and think them rather pretty when their feathers glint with blue shimmer in the sun.

Although the reflection on the window ‘spoiled’ the shot, I couldn’t resist sharing this cuddly shot of the chickadee 4-17-12
Snow Geese in the rain on Skagit farm land 2/19/12

Swans on the wetlands in Skagit County 2/19/12

Brandt at Semiahmoo 3/11/12

Merganzer pair in the marina at Semiahmoo 3/11/12

I was stalking a robin with my camera on the pathway when I looked up to see a hooded merganzer pair swimming downriver. The male was parading in full hood.
A closer view

Bird on a Wire- The swallows were twittering and swooping over the street when I came out for lunch break today. 4/13/12


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