The Strange get Stranger

I think flamingos are one of the strangest looking creatures on earth. They’re beautiful and exotic as ornaments in a yard or fountain, but oh-so-gawky and geeky when you get up close and personal. One of my favorite moments on my CA vacation was when my friends surprised me by stopping off at the Marriott Desert Springs and we hung out on a bench by a colonnade of royal palms and a fountain full of flamingos. Here’s a few rather odd and artsy photos of these odd and artsy birds. Set of six.

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Covered in Snow – Update

I chose the photos for today’s post a couple days ago. Since then it’s snowed considerably more, and in fact it’s snowed for over 3 more hours since the photos in this post were taken. But here’s a fresh update showing about 23 inches of snow in my yard… Set of Six.

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Covered in Snow

There’s actually been more snow since thisĀ first morning of photographs, and I’ve truly understood why the expression ‘blanket of snow’ was coined. But even in the first wave, the patterns and depth of the snowfall are intriguing. Set of six.

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Horsing Around

My favorite activity in the LaQuinta, California area is Sunday polo games. Such a fun, gorgeous and engaging way to relax in the sunshine. I was captivated by these four-legged and two-legged athletes working in harmony. Loved it! Set of six.

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A Whole Other World

Although it’s fairly commonplace to many, I’m always in awe when I get a chance to board a plane and fly to another locale. What a privilege to live in a time when we can cross obstacles and miles so effortlessly to places very other than the one we left. In the midst of this snow storm, I find myself longing for the images from my recent trip to LaQuinta, California. Such a contrast of flora and fauna, color and light. Set of six.

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Looking for Color

The snow and grey skies take the world down to subtle colors and the little bits of brightness stand out in full beauty. Set of six. I caught the full twiggy plant this time and the berries contrasted with white.

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