Summer’s End


The rains have come along with the cool air of Fall, and I’m loving every minute. There has still been plenty of sunshine or grey cloudy weather with no rainfall as well. The river is still low, but the air is clean and the plants are smiling again…No really, they’re smiling. I can feel them. 🙂


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I wrote the flash fiction and commentary below, 10 days ago. The smoke cleared between then and now, but this morning it was back with eye and nose-burning vengeance. I sympathize with those on the other side of the mountains where the fires still burn.


Her nostrils flared and flamed with fiery rage. Eyes sizzling with acid tears. The skies a dusky orange, choked with smoke. And only the tiny red disc sun observed her searing the landscape, scorching all in her wake. Leaving the charred remains of her Eden. Burning.


Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and British Columbia are all on fire. The smoke was so intense in our yard here in North Bend that my husband woke me up at 4:00 yesterday morning alarmed, thinking there was a fire in our neighborhood. He had been outside and the temperature was over eighty degrees – unheard of in this place at night at this time of year.

We closed up the house and turned on the air conditioner. People scurried all day from home to car to workplace to car, trying to avoid breathing the air outside. In our so fresh mountains, the world had become a dry, brittle, acidic place. Our Eden was a scorching, choking place to run from.

Both photos in this post show mountains less than a mile away on days free of clouds. The haze is all smoke. The first photo’s in the morning and the second in the evening. It didn’t get any lighter all day. I tried to capture the red sun, but I couldn’t get the right setting and didn’t have a filter. It showed as white instead. The actual color of the sun was like a light red rose petal. It appeared as a flat disc and was so obscured you could look right at it.

Blessed rains are on the way tomorrow and forecasted to stay for a week. We will all breathe a cool sigh of relief.


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I Will Never Forget

20170909_085446For those of you outside of the US, this day may be just like any other, but for me September 11th is always momentous. On this day in 2001, I was up extra early and caught the news after the first plane had hit the World Trade Center. I saw the shock and fear of the reporters, as I felt it myself, when the second plane hit and we all felt the knife of attack rather than accident slice into our minds and hearts. I will never, never forget seeing the towers fall, and the thump of my soul once, and then again, in instant understanding and grief for those losses. It was devastating.

The reason I was up early, was to get a mole removed from my upper back. When the surgeon cut it out later that morning, I thought of the symbolism of carrying a physical scar from that day, and I appreciated that reflection of the one I would always carry inside regarding what I had witnessed – even just by live media all the way on the other coast of the US, I felt it to my core.

As the accounts poured in over days and weeks and many years, of the scared, brave and heroic people who gave everything to help and to try to survive, I was healed by knowing of those who made it, those who didn’t, and all those who loved them. I was healed by all the people who gave with all their hearts that day and for uncounted days afterward. And I’m still healing in each year of remembrance.

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Lunchtime Spit-shine

The weather on our trip up the Washington coast gave us heat, chill, rain, fog, wind and sunlight all in a day. Fortunately, our stop for a picnic lunch at the sand cliffs above Dungeness Spit was full of sunshine. 

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Going, Going, Gone

Sunset at LaPush, the northern point of the Washington state Olympic Peninsula. We drove all day to see it, and it was worth the wait.



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To the Point

I took a quick getaway to the Washington Coast with my husband this past weekend. We took a long drive up the Olympic Peninsula all the way to the Northern tip at LaPush, WA. It’s a beautiful place and part of the Quileute tribal lands, made famous in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer as home of Jacob the werewolf. But with my family it was famous long before that due to its gorgeous beach and edge-of-the-earth-feeling sunsets.

Here are a few photos of 1st Beach in the evening light just before sunset. Note the happy dogs and bunches of surfers. There were a few other folks in the opposite direction waiting for sunset over the rock island, which I’ll share photos of soon, but this section of beach was fairly open and so peaceful.



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