To the Point

I took a quick getaway to the Washington Coast with my husband this past weekend. We took a long drive up the Olympic Peninsula all the way to the Northern tip at LaPush, WA. It’s a beautiful place and part of the Quileute tribal lands, made famous in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer as home of Jacob the werewolf. But with my family it was famous long before that due to its gorgeous beach and edge-of-the-earth-feeling sunsets.

Here are a few photos of 1st Beach in the evening light just before sunset. Note the happy dogs and bunches of surfers. There were a few other folks in the opposite direction waiting for sunset over the rock island, which I’ll share photos of soon, but this section of beach was fairly open and so peaceful.



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Little Black Spot on the Sun

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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No doubt you’ve heard plenty about the solar eclipse, but I thought I’d post my photos anyway. I hadn’t read of this aspect of it – how the trees create viewers through…

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Whenever I see morning glories I always think they are trumpeting the arrival of summer. I loved this photo when I took it on a short walk down the alley a month or so ago, but I didn’t get it posted until now.


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Rooster in the Junkyard

Another from my archives this summer. This was an unexpected visitor to our side yard during my husband’s birthday party. We found out later our neighbors just got chickens. I can also tell the exact timing of this photo since all that junk was gone a week later. We had a fun time with family that day. A few photos of them in a gallery below. My husband’s the one in green.


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Good Morning

One of the reasons I hadn’t done much photography in the last month is the weather was very dry and the smoke from regional wildfires was obscuring the mountains and making it hard to be outside for long due to air quality. But I did like the softening of the intense summer sun as the smoke created a natural filter. Our morning river scene was gentler with less contrast, and I captured a few photos during breakfast in the unique lighting.


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Out of Order

I’ve been a bit absent from sharing images here. I’m not sure why I moved away from taking as many photos but I’ve decided to share the few I’ve taken over the last while that didn’t get posted yet. They may be somewhat out of earth’s seasons, but I guess they are following the order of my own.

Irises outside my brother’s apartment building in Spring


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