P – Pools & Persnickety Pursuit


…and because it’s fun, a reprise of my 2013 A to Z post:

Persnickety Pursuita-to-z-letters-p

Penelope, though pretty, was particularly picky and perused the proffered products at Pittsburgh’s Provincial Plaza with practiced precision to procure the perfect pair of pumps. She persisted in poking and prodding prolific piles of plastic and patent. There were paisley, pink, puce, and platinum. She was partial to the pastel purple pointy plush, but she put priority on price and pushed them to the posterior. Peeved, her pulse palpitated.

“Please provide a pleasant proposition,” she pleaded to Providence. Presto! She pinpointed a perky plaid prize precariously perched on a pedestal. She was poised to pounce when a peculiar pesky patron perpetrated a perplexing play popping the pleasing platforms from their post into her pernicious paws, provoking Penelope and parting Poof! preventing proper pardon.

Portly Paul peered through the pane into Polly’s Posh Primping Pavilion perceiving that Penelope was profusely perturbed. He pivoted in place pounding the pavement in perpendicular patterns, patiently pacing, prepared to plod for a prolonged period.

Penelope persevered in plundering the plain and perfunctory piddle plying for the paragon of prissy polish. The purity of her pursuit produced a prime praiseworthy pick. Proud of her proficiency, Penelope pried the pittance of pence from her purse to pay the prim proprietor.  “The pinnacle of palatable pretentious preference!” Polly pronounced as she presented the pristine package. Penelope preened.

Paul promptly pulled their Porsche to predominant position and plucked his pompous paramour and her precious pearls from the public parking place. The passenger peeled her prestigious purchase from its packing and pushed in her plump professionally painted piggies. “They pinch!” she proclaimed with a perilous pang. Penelope pummeled them to a pulp and pined pathetically, “That was positively painful.”

Paul planned a prospective plane passage pronto to pamper his poor Penelope in a palatial Parisian paradise to purge the petrifying proceedings from her person. Placated, Penelope passionately purred.

by Sheri J. Kennedy    All Rights Reserved


About sherijkennedyriverside

Left brain, right brain, I can't decide. After many years of successful visual arts pursuits, I'm working on my other creative inclinations. For the past 8 years, writing has been my second full time job, and it's worth every sleepless night. Sheri J. Kennedy grew up mostly a city-girl coasthopping from Seattle to rural Pennsylvania, Miami and back to Seattle. She currently resides on the banks of the Snoqualmie River in the scenic Cascade Mountains. Her heart has found its home.
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9 Responses to P – Pools & Persnickety Pursuit

  1. winneyb says:

    Perfectly placed, persuasively piqued, penned properly, purposed per person!

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  2. dave says:

    perfectly penned but painfully parsed participles; paragons of prolifigate poppycock, preposterous palaver, and a profuse plethora of prideful pettifoggery! plaudits to the plucky prose penner!

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  3. Arriving late in the #Challenge while out blog hopping today from North Carolina. Personally, I think your theme is a Popular choice with People. 🙂 This black background is not my favorite for easy reading, but it looks edgy and also a P-popular choice. Love the #Challenge in finding new bloggers. I learn something new every year. If you have time or interest in hotels and inn, my theme this year. Hope to see you.

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    • Thanks, Stepheny. I chose this theme because I post mostly photos, though I have been writing more lately. I considered a theme change just before A-Z this year, but I didn’t find one that had what I wanted right then. I will likely revisit the idea soon. I agree it can be hard to read, especially for longer pieces. Happy blog hopping!


  4. Positively P-coming performance!

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  5. Reblogged this on Miss LiV Adventures ~A Journey Through Time…and Time Again and commented:

    And because I used the official ‘P’ post to whine and rant…Here’s a Proffered Pleasantly Punchy Post from Past Poetry I’ve Published for Patrons.


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