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A Break in the Clouds

At Last… Continue reading

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Frozen Finale

I guess I posted too soon! The final feats of the mountain and weather today were phenomenal. I had to share them too…

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J – Just Another Day

A photo from a few weeks ago that got missed and catches my mood today… A post-per-day challenge is always a bit tough on an ordinary day. It got cold and rainy again. I worked my insurance job for 8 hours, and my … Continue reading

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March 18/16 is On Top

While the valley below is turning to Spring, the temperatures swing from day to night and the freeze is slow to melt on top of Mt Si. I’m naming each day this year to remember that each has its unique … Continue reading

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Scene 04-01 Snow in the Blue

When the mist cleared Mt Si was glorious with its cap of snow in the purest blue sky.

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Scene 01-19 On a Clear Day

There was a lot of mist in the valley today, and I found my mind wandering to memories of clear alpine skies on Mt. Baker this past summer.

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